Foundation Review

Through my foundation, I learnt to be more experimental using different techniques and media, taking risks. Also when preparing portfolios for interview I learnt how to use presentation and refinement to show your ideas off in the best light.

After trying all the areas I realised that Fashion was the subject I wanted to specialise in as it was what has always inspired me and attracted me the most, and my foundation confirmed this. For me, knowing I always wanted to go into fashion, it was more about finding which specific area within fashion it was I enjoyed most. I found that although I enjoyed communications in specialism, it was designing where my real passion lay. Seeing my idea come to life through a garment, gave me a sense of achievement and a buzz.

In view of this I have chose to base my Final Major Project on mainly the designing and making. I have so far on foundation only re-constructed a garment adding to it and changing it, but have not created a garment from scratch. So I am very excited for the challenge FMP gives, of creating a whole garment!



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