Research Critique-Week 1

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We have two weeks of research time for our FMP project so at the end of the first week we had a critique to see where we sit in terms of grades at the end of the first week and how we can improve our grade by the end of next week.

What I Have Done So Far For Research

I covered all that was on the checkpoint list with: Gallery info from the Tate Modern, the Biscuit Factory, Tyneside Cinema and the Hatton Gallery, taking primary photos. I also have photos of my sailing holiday as primary imagery, looking at ropes and knots. I looked at books such as extreme textiles, looking at the materials they use to make the equipment for sailing, as well as magazines looking at a current Vogue and an Old Vanity Fair from 1997. I looked on for designer research of past collections, keeping in mind nautical stripes, sea colours and rope embellishments and knits. I then looked into more detail at Alexander McQueens collection Shipwreck as I thought this could relate to the dangerous voyages Immigrants take. For trend research I looked on WGSN and the trend Kinship which featured nautical stripes with blue and white colours. I have started sourcing materials buying nautical ropes online and experimenting with creating samples featuring different nautical knots. I have bought some plastic coated wire in copper and white which I intend to try out with the technique of macrame.

What I Can Do to Improve and Extend My Project Next Week

To improve my project for next week, I want to go into more depth in designer research, looking into more specific designers. Also from the critique I realised that I could maybe extend my Magazine research by looking at more of a variety of magazines, e.g ID and Dazed and Confused. I want to start gathering my information and laying it out in my sketchbook and responding to it through more sampling with my wire and mixed media and drawing.



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