Project Proposal and Overall Time Plan

Section 1: Review

Throughout my foundation, I learnt to be more experimental using different techniques and media, taking more risks. It is through these risks I achieved some of my best work. For example when re-constructing a garment I added very exaggerated sleeves that flared out at the end, I couldn’t follow a normal pattern, so constructed my own. I had never made my own pattern before, so this was a risky strategy, but I feel it paid off as the sleeves added drama and excitement to the garment.

When first coming on the foundation course I struggled with presentation, but the tutors showed me examples of good presentation on Art threads. This meant by the time it came to preparing my portfolio for interview I felt confident with my presentation skills.

After trying all the areas I realised I wanted to specialise in Fashion as it was what has always inspired me the most, and my foundation confirmed this. For me, it was more about finding which specific area within fashion it was I enjoyed most. I found although I enjoyed communications in specialism, it was designing where my real passion lay. Seeing my ideas come to life through a garment, gave me a strong sense of achievement!

In view of this I have chosen to base my Final Major Project on designing and making. I have so far on foundation only re-constructed a garment, but have not created a garment from scratch. I am very excited for the challenge FMP gives, of creating a whole garment!






Section 2: Project Concept

The concept behind my project is based on the contrast between two types of voyages, idyllic sailing holidays and dangerous voyages taken by immigrants.


I have started visiting libraries, researching online and visiting exhibitions to inform and inspire my ideas further. I visited the exhibition “Disappearance At Sea’ which showcased interpretations of the Immigration crisis by artists from all over the world. Through the maps on display I was able to see how far they had to travel to find safety and the dangers they faced along the way. The images of broken ships reminded me of the exhibition by Alexander McQueen called Shipwreck, to extend my project further I would like to look into this further.


Visually I am thinking about knots and ties of ropes on sailing boats. I want to research further and experiment with rope knot technique such as macramé. Through this I hope to create some interesting samples, that I can then use to help me decide on the best techniques and materials to use to inform my final designs.


Challenges may come when trying to show a contrast between the two designs yet a link between them . To resolve this problem, I am planning on showing a clear contrast by using clean and crisp white rope for the holiday voyage look and more faded distressed rope for the immigrant voyage look. Then linking the two looks together by using similar techniques for the making, such as using macramé to create both looks.


I need to resource a variety of different ropes to experiment with. As what I am looking for is quite niche I feel it is best to look online. I will also need to plan the dates to book out the sewing room.


I am planning on having two small sketchbooks suggesting the narrative of my two contrasting ideas, noting sights and smells, experienced on these voyages. Then having a main big sketchbook noting down all of my design ideas, techniques and samples. Then along side this colour, mood and flats boards and final illustrations to back up my two garments.





Section 3: Evaluation


Initially I came up with three concepts. Using my sketchbook like a diary to reflect analytically on my ideas. Then I discussed with my tutor, choosing the best to take forward. We both felt that my idea Voyageur was the strongest conceptually having the strong contrast between the two types of voyages.


I will evaluate my work throughout on my blog, recording my process and ideas, planning ways to develop and improve.  At the end of my project I will create a blog post that will evaluate my final outcomes and their success rate.


At the moment, I am creating a PowerPoint slideshow to present my ideas to the rest of the class, allowing us a chance to give feedback to each other.


I will also annotate each page of my sketchbook throughout. In order to make sure the annotation doesn’t clash or distract with the visuals I will use acetate. To make sure my writing is clear and readable, I will use computer type rather than hand writing. I am also keeping a time plan, making sure I divide my time up in the best way to make sure I get everything done the most sufficient way possible.



Project Action Plan and Timetable
Week Date Week


Activity / What you are intending to do – including independent study Resources / What you will need to do it – including access to workshops
1. 20.03.2017 Research


Monday- Project Proposal hand in 9am


Tuesday- Self-directed Study-Research gathering primary and secondary imagery: e.g Visiting the library and exhibitions


Wednesday- Buy supplies and materials may need for samples for project


Thursday- Group presentations- research completed and initial ideas/ direction in studio from 1pm


Friday- Self-directed study- continue with research and reflect on blog from group presentation the day before


Drawing equipment

Computer and printer access


2. 27.03.2017 Research


Monday- Start responding to research, using different media and materials


Tuesday- Self directed study- Annotation in sketchbook, sketchbook layout, review on blog to analyse research I have looked at.


Wednesday-  Further in depth research- Library, magazines, online Start creating some fabric swatch, samples trying out different techniques.


Thursday- Group Critique- Evidencing the assessment criteria-1pm in studio- bring all work


Friday- Self-directed study-  Visit designer and highstreet shops looking at nautical trends that are already in store

Computer Access


Fabric swatches, sewing equipment




Ideas/ Media and Technique Exploration


Monday- Look on Pinterest and Art Threads for layout inspiration for sketchbook


Tuesday-  Start creating some fabric swatch, samples trying out different techniques.


Wednesday- Look at WGSN trends and how these can relate to project, look over assessment criteria make sure covering assessment objectives


Thursday- Group Critique- Evidencing the assessment criteria


Friday- Self directed study-  Observational drawing, pick some of best research images and create observational drawings from them



Access to Computer



Library access

10.04.2017 Easter Week 1


Continue Ideas/ Media and Technique Exploration

Sewing and materials equipment


Easter Week 2


Continue Ideas/ Media and Technique Exploration

Sewing and materials equipment



Monday– 9am Group presentation work to date, idea and technique exploration

Tuesday– Self directed study- colour and mood board

Wednesday– CAD Illustrator workshop

Thursday– Sewing Workshop with Rachael

Friday– Self directed study- start planning final garment ideas

Sewing equipment


Computer Access

5. Development

Monday- Continue planning, tweaking drawings for final garment ideas

Tuesday- Flats board

Wednesday– Cad- illustrator workshop

Thursday– Group critique- work so far- present all work and peer assessment in line with grading criteria


Friday– Fashion illustrations

Computer access


Art, drawing materials

6. 08.05.2017 Realisation


In sewing room all Week

Sewing room book out
7. 15.05.2017 Monday– In sewing room

Tuesday– In sewing room in morning

In afternoon check all sketchbook stuff finished off

Wednesday– One on one tutorials with Racheal

Thursday– Final presentation all day, submit all FMP work

Sewing room book out

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