Wednesdays Individual Critique with Tutor

On Wednesday we had a review of our work with our tutor, to find out what work we need to finish off by the end of research week. I have my two smaller sketchbooks showing a narrative of both my Holiday look and migrant look focusing on their feelings and senses and my main sketchbook where I was picking out my best research to put in. After speaking to my tutor I realised it would be a good idea to get another smaller sketchbook to put all my research in, in order to keep a record of all of it, so that it is easier to compare and see my process and what I choose as my best research to then take forward to my main sketchbook.

Things I still need to complete for the end of this week:

1. All my annotation typed out and printed on acetate and put in my main sketchbook, as I prefer the presentation to be very clear and neat and not distracting from my visuals in my main sketchbook. Where as in my smaller sketchbooks I prefer to write by hand, writing every idea that comes into my head, quick and rough, so that I can later refine the best information for my main sketchbook.

2. I need to look at periodicals for visual inspiration and trend analysis, so I need to go to the library to try and find some that will relate to my project, then scan them into the computer and print them off. Ones I feel may be most useful for my project are Show Details which will give me good designer catwalk trends information and Textile Report, which should give me embellishment detail and texture inspiration.



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