Tuesday-Independent Study Day

After watching tutorials and reading books on macrame I felt ready to try some of my own. So on my Independent study day I practiced the macrame technique of the half hitch, using a ruler to attach all the ropes to, keeping it together, then I used sticky tape to attach the ends so the ropes wouldn’t move too much when I was knotting them.

I then did some newspaper research finding an article on an asylum seeker who didn’t just face dangers in his country and travelling to what he thought would be a safer place, but once he came to London was attacked. This makes me feel disgusted and even more motivated to create a look which will give a better understanding of asylum seekers and the dangers they face. Also I want to get across that they have no alternative, as when watching videos on different asylum seekers experiences many said they would love to go back to their country if they could its just not safe enough. I want to create a look which portrays the shock, fear and violence they have faced, I could maybe use ripped materials and barbed wire to suggest this. I hope that if people can  better understand what they have been through and realise their is no alternative they will be more sympathetic and understanding, as no one deserves to be treated this way.



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