Sample Work- Easter Holidyas

One of my targets for the Easter Holidays was to try and create a sample which combined twisted wire within material to create a sculptural shape inspired by the sculptural style of Comme Des Garcons. I then tried to mimic the waves quality of the sea, sculpting the wire in this shape then using the sewing machine to create a pocket for the wire to go though the material. I also wanted a contrast between the migrant look and voyage look, so I created two separate samples to embody each look. For the migrant look I used simple cotton then I frayed the edges to give it a more worn look and instead of sealing the edge of the wire within the fabric I left them out and twisted them to make it look more raw and ominous, however if I use this technique of same for my garment I will have to think of something to put on the end of the wire to make sure it doesn’t hurt the wearer. For the holiday voyage look I used a more luxurious fabric, a silky slightly metallic fabric which reminded me of the way the water reflects the sunshine on holiday creating that reflective shimmer. I then sealed the edges to make sure the wire was hidden keeping it neat. I feel this technique could work really well for a sculptural shoulder detail on the clothing, I would like to do some sketches to work out a way of using this sample technique within a clothing context, as I feel the samples were successful and could be an interesting technique to use.

IMG_0581IMG_0582IMG_0584I found this knit which was white with little specks of blue and green, I really like the subtleness of just the hints of colour and felt it would work well with my colour scheme. So I created a small knit sample on it to get a taster of what it could be like. However on reflection I feel knit is probably a better fabric to use for a winter look where as the season I am looking at is spring/summer, so I think although I like the colours in the sample, I won’t be taking this technique any further.


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