Amnesty International Research


Today I researched into Amnesty International which is the world’s largest human rights organisation, which exposes abuse and helps educate the world in what they can do to help. I am particularly interested in their migrant, refugee and asylum seeker campaign, as this is what relates best to my project looking at migrants travelling oversea on dangerous voyages.

I particularly love their very graphic posters with strong, shocking visuals and thoughtful messages. My favourite visual I found was this poster which showed a very shocking image of a dad carrying his son in his arms while he is bleeding all over him, what draws me most to this is the message ‘Its Not Happening Here. But it is happening now.’ I feel I can relate to this as its human nature to focus on your life and ignore all the bad news as its upsetting and if it’s not affecting you there is even more tendency to ignore it. However each and every person has the potential to work together to help and if we don’t face up to the world’s problems they will just get worse and have the potential to affect us all.

I feel I could use this message within my project by doing a photoshoot of my garments then putting them on Photoshop and showing the photoshoot of my holiday look for the ‘It’s Not Happening Here.’ Showing how it’s easy to enjoy an idyllic holiday but at the same time there are migrants doing scary life threatening voyagers who need our help, with the photoshoot look and the text saying ‘It’s Happening Now’. I feel the strong contrast of these looks next to each other with this message will show the contrast and the unfairness of the way some people have a lot while others have very little in the world and the need for change.


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