Week 4- Wednesday: Workshop in using Adobe Illustrator

On Wednesday we had a tutorial in how to use Adobe Illustrator, it was the first time I had used it and at first I found it challenging to use, but after practice I felt I was starting to get the hang of it by the end. I learnt that it is a very useful tool for creating fashion flats and for doing laser cuts on. I also learnt that the main difference between photoshop and Illustrator is that photoshop uses pixels where as Illustrator uses grids, meaning that on illustrator you can zoom in as far as you want and the lines can look really smooth, so this is a main advantage for me to use indesign. I want to practice some more at illustrator so that I become as comfortable with it as I am with photoshop, as I feel it could be very useful especially for later cutting which can only be done on Illustrator. I had a go at a label sample on Illustrator for my project, to be cut in card as a tester. I put the title of my project ‘Voyager’ highlighting it in red to show it needs to be cut. I then created wavy lines like the sea, which were influenced by the patterns which I had seen on the Versace Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Instead of having these as laser cut I wanted the to be indentations so used the blue highlight tool to do this.



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