Independent Study Day-Friday

Today I responded to my research by creating some fashion illustrations inspired by the style, shape and colours within my research.

For my page on Issey Miyake I used inks as I felt the fluid materials and the pleats reminded me of the waves and patterns in the sea. I thought inks would work well for this watery effect, as well as being very pigmented getting the deep purples and blues you associate with the sea.



I wanted to do a close up of an eye as I feel an eye is one of the most powerful emotional tools for empathy, I dripped the ink to create a tear like stain. I was experimenting with how to communicate suffering for my migrant project, so that the viewer would feel that emotional connection.


IMG_0650IMG_0656For this illustration I focused on using patterns to accentuating the eyes in sea colours with wave patterns, as for my photoshoot I want the eyes to be the focus as I feel they are what can show the most emotion. If looking in to the distance in a dreamy way can suggest relaxed on holiday, or with powerful sad eye contact you can suggest pain and vulnerability.


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