Monday-Mannequin Pinning

I pinned my looks on the mannequin using moulage to get an idea of how it would look, trying out different combinations to find my favourite looks to take forward for sewing.

Holiday Look Moulages- I focused on draping that looks like sails, taking inspired from the flowing white material of the Greeks :

After trying different combinations I decided this was my favourite look as I felt it was most unusual shape with the different gathers and I felt a long dress would be very exciting and dramatic for my holiday look. I also really liked the blue as a back detail as I feel it is subtle and discreet way of giving a bit of colour and interest.



Ideas for my migrant voyage look- I tried to create folds that would imitate that of the waves of the stormy sea:


I decided to take this look forward as because I am choosing a long dress for my holiday look, to ensure a strong contrast between the two looks I have decided to go for a short dress look. I felt the beautiful turquoise blue colour would be better for my holiday look as it suggests a sunny warm sea, so chose a look without the blue. I also felt this look really captured the stormy sea waves with the folds.



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