Problem Solving Predictions for the Making Process

In order to make sure I was properly prepared for when I started sewing I created a list of problems I may face that I will have to overcome:

  1. I want to put a chain on my macrame sample for my migrant look but I need to make sure I choose a light thin chain as it needs to not be too heavy for the wearer and so it doesn’t stretch the material.
  2. When cutting the right size chain I need to wear safety goggles incase any bits of metal fly off from the pressure of the cutting.
  3. For my holiday look I am working with a silky fabric so I need to use tac stitches before sewing to make sure the material doesn’t move too much when sewing it.
  4. I need to use a No 60 needle in my sewing machine for my holiday look as I am using a silky fabric so don’t want it to tear and a No 70 for my migrant look because I am sewing cotton.

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