Tuesday- Starting the Sewing

IMG_0977Today I started the sewing process, starting with my holiday look, as with it being in a silky fabric and the blue insert I felt it would be the more difficult to make of the two looks so I wanted to do it first, so that I wasn’t rushing it and left my self plenty of time to make it.

IMG_0984I took the material I had pinned and tacked stitched them as with the slippy fabric I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t move when I put it in the sewing machine.

IMG_0969IMG_0993For the blue insert I straightened out the blue material better so it wouldn’t pucker and cut off the edges of the material that weren’t needed to make sure they wouldn’t get stuck n the machine, then sewed it in.

IMG_0992I folded over the edges of the material, and hemmed them in to stop it from fraying.


I marked on the arm hole with chalk so I knew where to cut and th right size to cut.

IMG_1003I created a slit for the arm hole and used bias binding as with it being on bias it can curve round the shape of the arm hole easily keeping it need.

The look completed so far on the mannequin.

What I still need to do to finish the holiday look:

  1. I need to tac stick the folds into place
  2. I need to add the moulage onto the dress, sewing it in



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