Thursday- Making Process

Today I did the finishing touches for my Holiday look. I hand stitched the he for the bottom of my skirt. I used an invisible stitch so although it can be seen on the underneath on the outside it is invisible. I did this by instead of going right through the top of the fabric with the needle, I only went through three strands of the material then back underneath. This gives a smooth sleek feel for my holiday look, which contrast with my migrant look where I made most of the stitches seen to give a rougher feel.

I attached the macrame to my dress in the folds creating a pocket like detail. I used doubled covered thread and tacked it in different places to make sure it is secure as it is quite heavy.

IMG_1089IMG_1093IMG_1096Things I still need to do: The weight of the fabric is pulling down the top, so I need to get a bra insert and sew it into the dress to help keep it in shape and held up


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