Week 6 Time Plan

Week 6 is realisation week so I am starting to make the clothes, so am booked out to use the sewing room at college all week. Having two dresses I want to make sure I spend equal time on both, in order to do this I am planning on instead of making one dress first then the next meaning if I end up running low on time I might be inclined to rush the second, I will pin both the first day, do the beginning to first dress on 2nd day, then beginning of 2nd dress on third day then continue on in this way alternating days working on each until I have finished both.

Monday-  Pin fabric using moulage techniques, trying out different options, referring to sketchbook sketches. Discuss plans for making with sewing tutors.

Tuesday- Start sewing on Holiday Voyage look, referring back to plans at all times.

Wednesday- Start sewing on Migrant look

Thursday- Continue sewing on Holiday Voyage look.

Friday- Continue sewing on Migrant Look

Things I will need:

  • macrame rope samples
  • fabric
  • sewing equipment-thread that matches fabrics, pins, needles variety sizes
  • access to sewing room and sewing machines
  • sketchbook to refer to drawing plans

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