Week 7 Time Plan

Week seven is my last week so it is all about bringing everything together and making sure I am happy with everything before presenting it to the class and handing it all in. Lat week I chose to focus on the making of the dresses as I feel these are the most vital part of my project as tis is what brings all my ideas to life, so I didn’t want to leave it to the last minute and rush it. So now having finished my two dresses, I am using the last few days before my presentation to plant my exhibition space and create all the things that back up my dresses e.g the flats ad illustrations.

Monday- Create an illustration for each of my looks that expresses the feelings and emotions of these looks through the models poses and expressions.

Tuesday- Flat designs showing front and back views of both dresses

Wednesday- Plan exhibition space

Thursday- Morning: look over assessment objectives thinking about what to say in presentation and how to make sure I refer back to these.

Afternoon: Presentation, then final hand in

Weekend: Final evaluation on blog of all work completed on FMP


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