Monday- Fashion Illustrations

Today I created a fashion illustration for each look, trying to get the expressions and poses to contrast but using ink for both so they also connect.


For my holiday look, I used flowing wavy lines like the sea, I elongated the figure giving her a glamorous beautiful girl on holiday look. I wanted to leave her feet out of the picture to give her that beautiful drifting floating, dreamy feel that you get on holiday.


In contrast for my migrant look I wanted to give the sense of being trapped, so put chains on the models hands and positioned her so she looked like a puppet on a string being controlled and having none of her own freedom and the human rights she deserves. I used line work on the face to suggest the tense frown lines and stress that may be seen on someone suffering, the effect is almost mask like suggesting she is trapped in a mask and is not free to be who she wants to be and travel where she wants to.


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