Show Preparation- Photoshoot

For my show I organised a photoshoot at the beach to show off my looks. I wanted it to be at the beach rather than in studio, to allow me to tell a story through my looks. For my holiday look I used the setting of on a hill with the beach behind me, making the model look dreamy and distance. For my migrant look I chose just behind the beach where there was a rocky area as the sharp dramatic rocks gave that intimidating dramatic backdrop I wanted for my migrant look. I chose to get my model to have serious expressions with body language suggesting the pain she was feeling. In order to make sure the photos were the best quality as possible I organised for a professional photographer to come with me so I could focus on the styling and poses. I met with the photographer before the photoshoot to describe my vision of how I wanted the photos to look and showed him some of the poses I was going to get the model to do, so he knew which equipment to bring on the day.

I was concerned with making sure the clothes fitted the model well, so I got the model to come to my house first so I could make all the adjustments to the clothing to make sure they fitted her properly before going to the beach.

Overall I was very happy with my photos from my photoshoot, as I felt they successfully told a story, so that people visiting my show would have a better understanding of the narrative and meaning I was portraying through my clothing.



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