Tuesday-Independent Study Day

After watching tutorials and reading books on macrame I felt ready to try some of my own. So on my Independent study day I practiced the macrame technique of the half hitch, using a ruler to attach all the ropes to, keeping it together, then I used sticky tape to attach the ends so the ropes wouldn’t move too much when I was knotting them.

I then did some newspaper research finding an article on an asylum seeker who didn’t just face dangers in his country and travelling to what he thought would be a safer place, but once he came to London was attacked. This makes me feel disgusted and even more motivated to create a look which will give a better understanding of asylum seekers and the dangers they face. Also I want to get across that they have no alternative, as when watching videos on different asylum seekers experiences many said they would love to go back to their country if they could its just not safe enough. I want to create a look which portrays the shock, fear and violence they have faced, I could maybe use ripped materials and barbed wire to suggest this. I hope that if people can  better understand what they have been through and realise their is no alternative they will be more sympathetic and understanding, as no one deserves to be treated this way.



Research Critique-Week 1

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We have two weeks of research time for our FMP project so at the end of the first week we had a critique to see where we sit in terms of grades at the end of the first week and how we can improve our grade by the end of next week.

What I Have Done So Far For Research

I covered all that was on the checkpoint list with: Gallery info from the Tate Modern, the Biscuit Factory, Tyneside Cinema and the Hatton Gallery, taking primary photos. I also have photos of my sailing holiday as primary imagery, looking at ropes and knots. I looked at books such as extreme textiles, looking at the materials they use to make the equipment for sailing, as well as magazines looking at a current Vogue and an Old Vanity Fair from 1997. I looked on Vogue.com for designer research of past collections, keeping in mind nautical stripes, sea colours and rope embellishments and knits. I then looked into more detail at Alexander McQueens collection Shipwreck as I thought this could relate to the dangerous voyages Immigrants take. For trend research I looked on WGSN and the trend Kinship which featured nautical stripes with blue and white colours. I have started sourcing materials buying nautical ropes online and experimenting with creating samples featuring different nautical knots. I have bought some plastic coated wire in copper and white which I intend to try out with the technique of macrame.

What I Can Do to Improve and Extend My Project Next Week

To improve my project for next week, I want to go into more depth in designer research, looking into more specific designers. Also from the critique I realised that I could maybe extend my Magazine research by looking at more of a variety of magazines, e.g ID and Dazed and Confused. I want to start gathering my information and laying it out in my sketchbook and responding to it through more sampling with my wire and mixed media and drawing.


Slideshow Presentation Powerpoint

Presentation SlideShow

I created a presentation to show to the rest of my class, showing what I have already done for my project and ways I intend to develop my project. Feedback included good exhibition and art gallery research. Suggestions to extend my project, were to visit a craft store and buy some metal rings and start experimenting with different materials to create a similar aesthetic to this image, as the hoops and nautical stripes work well with my theme of Voyage: rings.png

Tutorial Discussion


I have decided to take my concept idea of voyageur forward as feel it is the strongest visually and narratively. Visually I am thinking about knots using ropes using the technique of macrame to create some interest samples. Narratively I am looking at the contrast between two types of voyages, calm blissful holiday sailing trips and the dangerous voyages taken by immigrants trying to find safety. I am thinking of using more clean and crisp white rope for the holiday theme look and more faded distressed rope for the immigrant voyage look.



After discussing with my tutor Rachael, I am planning on having two small sketchbooks suggesting the narrative of my two contrasting ideas, noting sights and smells that would be experienced on these voyages. Then having a main big sketchbook noting down all of my design ideas and techniques and sample ideas.



Three Initial Ideas-FMP

For my Final Major Project I have to initially come up with three alternate ideas of how my project could go and document them in a sketchbook with visual images, annotations and personal responses:

Idea 1- Voyageur

My first idea was Voyageur referring to someone who travels and explores the sea. I felt the textiles and materials within sailing, such as the ropes used and the sails would make really beautiful visuals if put in a fashion context. I love the contrast between the white crispness of a sail against the deep blue of the sea, so wanted to think of these colours in terms of my colour palette. I also looked at how I could keep it current and on trend by looking at WGSN. WGSN had a trend called Kinship that looks at historical voyage, trend highlights include:
Copacabana Blue
Breton stripes
Shredded textiles

The trend highlight shredded textiles got me thinking about voyages that are not so idilic. I thought about ship wrecks and dangers at sea explorers faced in history. I then brainstormed more relatable current issues, thinking about the immigration crisis and how immigrants are having to take very dangerous journeys to find safety. In order to find out more on this issue I visited an exhibition at the Boltic art gallery called ‘Disappearance At Sea’. It was really interesting seeing peoples different artistic interpretations on the crisis, with artists from Syria, Greece, Serbia, Denmark, Kenya and the UK.

If I choose idea one for my final major project, I would like to create two looks one which reflects an idilic sailing holiday style and the other a more gritty hard hitting look that depicts the dangers immigrants face on their voyagers to safety. I feel these two looks will both contrast and complement each other. I believe this because although both very different subjects, yet in a way the immigrants are probably hoping to find a utopia at the other end of their voyage, which is not always the case.

Idea 2- The Three Elements
Earth, Fire, Water/Ice/Snow

For me nature has always been a big inspiration, so I really like the idea of thinking of nature as being split into elements that can inspire some really interesting fashion outcomes. Initial ideas for Ice/Water: snow and icicle embellishments, Fire: Burnt, smokey ombre materials, Earth: layering of materials to create a mountain contour texture. For inspiration for Ice/Water, I looked at Alexander McQueen’s exhibition ‘ship wreck’ and Iris Van Herpen’s transparent twisted water like shapes, using 3D printing. I then looked at pearls that create snow like embellishments. For fire I researched bright orange, gold embellishments and burnt ombre details. For earth I looked at the WGSN trend Earthed taking inspiration from nature textured surfaces. I visited the David Hockney exhibition for inspiration, looking at brightly coloured mountains and patterns, this effect could be given with brightly coloured and patterned layered fabrics. If I take this idea forward for FMP I would like to create a collection that combines all three elements, for example maybe a snowy volcano landscape, I feel these landscapes can also reflects peoples multiple personalities, a fiery heart and passion, an Ice cold guard in order to hide and protect themselves, an earthy tendency of being one with nature, feeling empathy for everything in the earth.

Idea 3- Disco

For my theme disco I was inspired by 70s disco, looking at nightclub Studio 54 as well as Saturday night fever for inspiration. I visited the exhibition 60s and 70s Revolution at the V&A to find out more about the era and the impact and power of the youth at this time. I thought about a modern take on the theme looking at the trend psycho tropical which shows bright neon tropical themed imagery. Inspired by this I looked at neon tropical lighting in palm trees and with neon fish. I thought about the modern trend for pastels that keeps coming back each summer and this lead to my idea to combine neon and pastels, a fun way to re invent disco with a modern take. For me party/disco is about being the centre of attention, wanting to be that girl who walks into a party and everyone turns to look. If I chose disco for my FMP project it would be about creating this head turning look, ‘more is more’!