Putting Up My Show

When putting up my show at first it was a challenge fitting all my work into the space, without it looking too busy and making sure nothing overpowered the others making sure they fitted well together. I solved the problem of space by overlapping my work, i used invisible fishing wire so that it wouldn’t distract from the work.

In my plan I had the fishing net in-between my two looks dividing them, but when I came to do my show I realised there wasn’t really enough space to do this. So instead I draped the fishing net around the bottom of the clothing, emphasising the clothing more as this should be the main focus. I also collected some knotted rope, net and seaweed from Alnmouth beach and put this under my show to emphasise my nautical theme and to tie in with the macrame rope details in my garments.

I created a shelf to put my sketchbooks  and rope samples on, allowing them to be easily seen, encouraging people to take them off the shelf to look at and study further.

I moved the net off the shelf allowing more room for photos and put it around the mannequin emphasising the clothing further.



Show Preparation- Photoshoot

For my show I organised a photoshoot at the beach to show off my looks. I wanted it to be at the beach rather than in studio, to allow me to tell a story through my looks. For my holiday look I used the setting of on a hill with the beach behind me, making the model look dreamy and distance. For my migrant look I chose just behind the beach where there was a rocky area as the sharp dramatic rocks gave that intimidating dramatic backdrop I wanted for my migrant look. I chose to get my model to have serious expressions with body language suggesting the pain she was feeling. In order to make sure the photos were the best quality as possible I organised for a professional photographer to come with me so I could focus on the styling and poses. I met with the photographer before the photoshoot to describe my vision of how I wanted the photos to look and showed him some of the poses I was going to get the model to do, so he knew which equipment to bring on the day.

I was concerned with making sure the clothes fitted the model well, so I got the model to come to my house first so I could make all the adjustments to the clothing to make sure they fitted her properly before going to the beach.

Overall I was very happy with my photos from my photoshoot, as I felt they successfully told a story, so that people visiting my show would have a better understanding of the narrative and meaning I was portraying through my clothing.


Monday- Fashion Illustrations

Today I created a fashion illustration for each look, trying to get the expressions and poses to contrast but using ink for both so they also connect.


For my holiday look, I used flowing wavy lines like the sea, I elongated the figure giving her a glamorous beautiful girl on holiday look. I wanted to leave her feet out of the picture to give her that beautiful drifting floating, dreamy feel that you get on holiday.


In contrast for my migrant look I wanted to give the sense of being trapped, so put chains on the models hands and positioned her so she looked like a puppet on a string being controlled and having none of her own freedom and the human rights she deserves. I used line work on the face to suggest the tense frown lines and stress that may be seen on someone suffering, the effect is almost mask like suggesting she is trapped in a mask and is not free to be who she wants to be and travel where she wants to.

Friday-Independent Study Day

Today I did the finishing touches to both dresses. The heaviness of the fabric and the rope macrame detail was pulling my holiday voyage dress out of line at the top, so I needed something that could take some of the weight and create a nice shape for the dress, so I resolved the problem by adding a bra insert.

I sewed the bra into the dress giving it a flattering shape that can be seen in these before and after shots.


By resolving the first problem I had created another problem as the bra could now be seen at the back, so I added poppers to pull the fabric over the bra covering it yet still allowing it to be easily taken on and off with easy access to the bra.

I finished off the fraying of the edges of all my hem details for my migrant look.


Thursday- Making Process

Today I did the finishing touches for my Holiday look. I hand stitched the he for the bottom of my skirt. I used an invisible stitch so although it can be seen on the underneath on the outside it is invisible. I did this by instead of going right through the top of the fabric with the needle, I only went through three strands of the material then back underneath. This gives a smooth sleek feel for my holiday look, which contrast with my migrant look where I made most of the stitches seen to give a rougher feel.

I attached the macrame to my dress in the folds creating a pocket like detail. I used doubled covered thread and tacked it in different places to make sure it is secure as it is quite heavy.

IMG_1089IMG_1093IMG_1096Things I still need to do: The weight of the fabric is pulling down the top, so I need to get a bra insert and sew it into the dress to help keep it in shape and held up

Wednesday- Making Process

Today I started sewing on my migrant look, I attached the rope belt sewing it into the dress, using doubled over string to make it stronger,  as with the belt being heavy I wanted to make sure it was secure to the dress and wouldn’t break off.


I then tacked the folds in the fabric to create stormy sea, wave like shapes.


I used sizers to cut the edges of the dress, then pulled out the individual threads with my fingers to create a frayed, weathered look. This will  give the desired contrast with my holiday look where I hemmed the edges to stop fraying giving it a smooth edge.