Friday-Independent Study Day

Today I did the finishing touches to both dresses. The heaviness of the fabric and the rope macrame detail was pulling my holiday voyage dress out of line at the top, so I needed something that could take some of the weight and create a nice shape for the dress, so I resolved the problem by adding a bra insert.

I sewed the bra into the dress giving it a flattering shape that can be seen in these before and after shots.


By resolving the first problem I had created another problem as the bra could now be seen at the back, so I added poppers to pull the fabric over the bra covering it yet still allowing it to be easily taken on and off with easy access to the bra.

I finished off the fraying of the edges of all my hem details for my migrant look.



Problem Solving while Making

While making my holiday look I counted a problem when starting sewing as the underneath thread was becoming hairy when sewing it. I realise that this may be to do with the tension on the thread, as it may be to loose. So I changed the tension from 5 to 3 and tried it again. After changing the tension the sewing worked well, so I was happy to have resolved the problem and could continue sewing.




Problem Solving Predictions for the Making Process

In order to make sure I was properly prepared for when I started sewing I created a list of problems I may face that I will have to overcome:

  1. I want to put a chain on my macrame sample for my migrant look but I need to make sure I choose a light thin chain as it needs to not be too heavy for the wearer and so it doesn’t stretch the material.
  2. When cutting the right size chain I need to wear safety goggles incase any bits of metal fly off from the pressure of the cutting.
  3. For my holiday look I am working with a silky fabric so I need to use tac stitches before sewing to make sure the material doesn’t move too much when sewing it.
  4. I need to use a No 60 needle in my sewing machine for my holiday look as I am using a silky fabric so don’t want it to tear and a No 70 for my migrant look because I am sewing cotton.

Easter Holiday Work- Primary Photos

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In the holidays I visited the small fishing town of amble and took photos for inspiration on shape and texture, I loved the overlapping net textures on the fishing boats. I also really love the grittiness of the barbed wire around the edges of the boat as the ominous feel would work well for my migrant look if I could incorporate wire within the clothing sculpting it to change the shape of the clothing. However I will have to be careful to make sure the edges are not too sharp so not to hurt the wearer, I could maybe do this by covering the edges with some sort of tape or plastic, so this would  have to be a consideration.