Amnesty International Research


Today I researched into Amnesty International which is the world’s largest human rights organisation, which exposes abuse and helps educate the world in what they can do to help. I am particularly interested in their migrant, refugee and asylum seeker campaign, as this is what relates best to my project looking at migrants travelling oversea on dangerous voyages.

I particularly love their very graphic posters with strong, shocking visuals and thoughtful messages. My favourite visual I found was this poster which showed a very shocking image of a dad carrying his son in his arms while he is bleeding all over him, what draws me most to this is the message ‘Its Not Happening Here. But it is happening now.’ I feel I can relate to this as its human nature to focus on your life and ignore all the bad news as its upsetting and if it’s not affecting you there is even more tendency to ignore it. However each and every person has the potential to work together to help and if we don’t face up to the world’s problems they will just get worse and have the potential to affect us all.

I feel I could use this message within my project by doing a photoshoot of my garments then putting them on Photoshop and showing the photoshoot of my holiday look for the ‘It’s Not Happening Here.’ Showing how it’s easy to enjoy an idyllic holiday but at the same time there are migrants doing scary life threatening voyagers who need our help, with the photoshoot look and the text saying ‘It’s Happening Now’. I feel the strong contrast of these looks next to each other with this message will show the contrast and the unfairness of the way some people have a lot while others have very little in the world and the need for change.


Easter Holiday Work- Primary Photos

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In the holidays I visited the small fishing town of amble and took photos for inspiration on shape and texture, I loved the overlapping net textures on the fishing boats. I also really love the grittiness of the barbed wire around the edges of the boat as the ominous feel would work well for my migrant look if I could incorporate wire within the clothing sculpting it to change the shape of the clothing. However I will have to be careful to make sure the edges are not too sharp so not to hurt the wearer, I could maybe do this by covering the edges with some sort of tape or plastic, so this would  have to be a consideration.

Easter Holiday- Independent Study Day


Today I visited Tynemouth to go to one of my favourite fabric shops Razzberry Bazaar, it is an Aladdin’s Cave inside filled with lots of interesting and unique gifts and fabrics covering every wall. As well as doing full sized fabrics they do small cut offs. I decided to get some small cut offs of fabrics, I haven’t decided exactly what outfits I’m making, at this point in my project I am just creating small samples to see what works and what doesn’t, then once I have done this I will choose my final fabrics and buy the proper sizes. I chose fabrics I felt were nautical, I loved the watery abstract patterns as well as the nautical stripes. This postcard with a boy holding up a fishing net really caught my eye as well, because the way he is holding up it almost looks like clothes draping and the way it then covers the landscape it becomes vast and almost merges into part of the sea.


Tuesday-Independent Study Day

After watching tutorials and reading books on macrame I felt ready to try some of my own. So on my Independent study day I practiced the macrame technique of the half hitch, using a ruler to attach all the ropes to, keeping it together, then I used sticky tape to attach the ends so the ropes wouldn’t move too much when I was knotting them.

I then did some newspaper research finding an article on an asylum seeker who didn’t just face dangers in his country and travelling to what he thought would be a safer place, but once he came to London was attacked. This makes me feel disgusted and even more motivated to create a look which will give a better understanding of asylum seekers and the dangers they face. Also I want to get across that they have no alternative, as when watching videos on different asylum seekers experiences many said they would love to go back to their country if they could its just not safe enough. I want to create a look which portrays the shock, fear and violence they have faced, I could maybe use ripped materials and barbed wire to suggest this. I hope that if people can  better understand what they have been through and realise their is no alternative they will be more sympathetic and understanding, as no one deserves to be treated this way.


Friday-Independent Study Day

On Friday I bought a small sketchbook to go along side my A3 sketchbook, as I was only putting my best research in my main sketchbook, but I felt it was important to show my sorting process and where these original research had come from, so I bought the book to fill with all my research not just the best and annotate with rough ideas and feelings that can then be refined for my big sketchbook. I then collected all my information from research with library books I had scanned into the computer, internet research, newspaper articles I felt relevant and leaflets of exhibitions I have been too.

I am now beginning to sort all my research out, then stick it in my research book annotating it with my thoughts and feelings.


Monday Magazine Research

When looking through magazines I felt it was important to look at a variety of magazines from different years to get an in depth research. I focused on colours of blue (sea) , white (sale boats) and orange (sun and life jackets) , all colours I associate with nautical. I also looked at quotes and graphic font which talks about arts power to send political messages, which is what I’m trying to do with my immigrant collection, by creating awareness of the dangerous voyages they have to take.

New magazines: Dazed Magasine

Oh Comely


Old Magazines:

W Magazine 1998