Week 7 Time Plan

Week seven is my last week so it is all about bringing everything together and making sure I am happy with everything before presenting it to the class and handing it all in. Lat week I chose to focus on the making of the dresses as I feel these are the most vital part of my project as tis is what brings all my ideas to life, so I didn’t want to leave it to the last minute and rush it. So now having finished my two dresses, I am using the last few days before my presentation to plant my exhibition space and create all the things that back up my dresses e.g the flats ad illustrations.

Monday- Create an illustration for each of my looks that expresses the feelings and emotions of these looks through the models poses and expressions.

Tuesday- Flat designs showing front and back views of both dresses

Wednesday- Plan exhibition space

Thursday- Morning: look over assessment objectives thinking about what to say in presentation and how to make sure I refer back to these.

Afternoon: Presentation, then final hand in

Weekend: Final evaluation on blog of all work completed on FMP


Week 6 Time Plan

Week 6 is realisation week so I am starting to make the clothes, so am booked out to use the sewing room at college all week. Having two dresses I want to make sure I spend equal time on both, in order to do this I am planning on instead of making one dress first then the next meaning if I end up running low on time I might be inclined to rush the second, I will pin both the first day, do the beginning to first dress on 2nd day, then beginning of 2nd dress on third day then continue on in this way alternating days working on each until I have finished both.

Monday-  Pin fabric using moulage techniques, trying out different options, referring to sketchbook sketches. Discuss plans for making with sewing tutors.

Tuesday- Start sewing on Holiday Voyage look, referring back to plans at all times.

Wednesday- Start sewing on Migrant look

Thursday- Continue sewing on Holiday Voyage look.

Friday- Continue sewing on Migrant Look

Things I will need:

  • macrame rope samples
  • fabric
  • sewing equipment-thread that matches fabrics, pins, needles variety sizes
  • access to sewing room and sewing machines
  • sketchbook to refer to drawing plans

Week 5 Time Plan


This week I am on development, so I am taking all my samples and modelling them on the mannequin to see how they would look on different areas of the body. I am then taking these photos of moulage and drawn into them adding to them thinking how they would work for my final designs. Then I am using these as inspiration to look back on when designing my final garment ideas, doing lots of drawings on trace before picking my favourite to take forward for my final looks which I will start making next week.


Mid Point Review

I feel on target with my initial proposal as I have finished my responses and I am starting to think about final garment ideas doing moulage on the mannequin with my samples and tracing outfit ideas as a way of extending these over the photos. I have slightly tweaked certain things on my time plan when I feel another way of ordering things would be better. For example on my time plan I put to start flat designs after my first CAD workshop showing how to create flats online, however after reviewing this I felt I wanted to wait till after my second workshop on flats so that I was more confident with using the software for the flats as I found it a bit challenging to use at first, so felt I could do with the extra practice.

Yes I am happy with my progress as I am on target with where I want to be on my time plan. I have found my weekly time plans and class critiques have helped me stay on time and work out what I need to do next. So to continue working on time I am definitely going to continue doing weekly time plans and getting involved in class critiques. I also find the checklists my tutor gives me very helpful, I use them to tick things off when I have done them so not to forget anything.

The things I feel are my strengths in my project are the strong contrast between the two looks and their meanings, one being about dangerous voyages that immigrants have to undertake and the other being holiday voyages. I have really enjoyed researching into both my themes and the migrant theme being such a current theme and a theme that I really empathise with, it has helped me feel inspired by my research and want to do it well and create an awareness about the issue. However at the same time, running two parallel themes can also be a challenge because I want both themes to be clearly separate to allow for a strong contrast but yet connect. At first I struggled with this, but I thought about it and wrote down different ideas and came up with some solutions. I felt if I created two separate narrative books for each theme, allowing me to clearly explain the different narratives, showing a contrast between the two. When coming to development and thinking about final garments I look at all my samples I had done so far and spoke to my tutor to find her opinion and we both decided my rope samples were the most interesting and versatile along with the flowing fabrics looking back at my research on Greek dress. The rope will add interest while the flowing material will add shape and movement, like a sail blowing in the wind.  However I want to keep that link between my two themes and that contrast, so I am planning on using similar techniques however changing the materials for each look. For the voyage look I am planning on using white, crisp rope and using silky material, where as old and red stained rope for the migrant look and using cotton material with frayed edges.

This week I have developed ideas for my final garments, using moulage and drawing to do this. My research has informed my development work by looking at different knots within sailing books and online learning different techniques in macrame which I am planning on taking forward for my final designs. My research from art galleries into the migrant crisis and some of the dangers and injuries they have faced, made me want to create an awareness of this within my look. This is why I want to make the rope I use for that look, blood stained spraying red paint and emphasise the contrast. This will show how while people are enjoying their holiday voyages people are dying on boats, so we mustn’t forget their suffering and do what we can to help.

My plan of action is to finish all my ideas for final garments by Friday, pick my favourite one of these for each theme, by the materials I will need for these over the weekend and create flats for my designs. Then start making over the next two weeks, and recording the process within my sketchbook and on my blog.


Week 4 Time Plan

IMG_0505.jpgThis week I am making sure all my samples and responses are completed and then moving onto creating fashion illustration responses thinking how I can use my samples and research within a garment. I also want to deepen my research by looking at Amnesty International as I came across one of their posters on refugees which I found very powerful and moving so I feel this could be very useful to look at for my dangerous voyage look.

Monday- Mixed Media Drawing Responses and Weekly Time plan

Today I started to think about responses to all my research I had gathered. I created mixed media drawings using chalk, fine liner, coloured pens, watercolour, pencil and collage techniques using coloured card. Today I was focusing on mimicking the shapes and patterns in the imagery and zooming in on details of the clothing, looking at the folds and gathers.


I created a time plan for Week Three, I am mainly focusing on responses, as now I have gathered my research I want to think about how I can use this in a fashion context by creating mixed media responses and sewing samples. So that when I have completed this I can analyse which responses were successful and choose the best techniques to take forward for my final garment.


Update to Week 2 Time plan-Wednesday

This Wednesday I looked at my week two time plan to check I am on track and to tick off what I have done so far and what I still have to do, updating my time plan accordingly and reminding my self of what I need to complete over the rest of the week, in order to make sure all of my research is completed by the end of week two, so that I am ready to move onto responses next week.