Putting Up My Show

When putting up my show at first it was a challenge fitting all my work into the space, without it looking too busy and making sure nothing overpowered the others making sure they fitted well together. I solved the problem of space by overlapping my work, i used invisible fishing wire so that it wouldn’t distract from the work.

In my plan I had the fishing net in-between my two looks dividing them, but when I came to do my show I realised there wasn’t really enough space to do this. So instead I draped the fishing net around the bottom of the clothing, emphasising the clothing more as this should be the main focus. I also collected some knotted rope, net and seaweed from Alnmouth beach and put this under my show to emphasise my nautical theme and to tie in with the macrame rope details in my garments.

I created a shelf to put my sketchbooks  and rope samples on, allowing them to be easily seen, encouraging people to take them off the shelf to look at and study further.

I moved the net off the shelf allowing more room for photos and put it around the mannequin emphasising the clothing further.



Wednesday-Planning the Exhibition

For inspiration on presentation for my final show, I visited sea theme shop Sea Salt and took photos of their window display. I particularly liked the fish net in the window as I feel this would work really nicely with my project as a nautical prop. It linked with some photos I had taken of fishnet for my project


I then looked on Pinterest at past graduate shows for inspiration on set up.


I liked the idea of using a rail with hangers for samples allowing you to take out each sample individually to look at in detail and feel the textures, getting a real feel for the techniques that have been used.


I really like the wash tapes used to display the photographs, I think this would work really well for displaying my work if I used washi tape in the same colours as my colour scheme.


I think it works well having the line up in-between the swatches of fabrics allowing you to get a feel for the fabric and how it has been used and manipulated to become designs.


It could be interesting for me to hang maybe my flats boards  and illustrations with nautical rope using some of the rope knot techniques I used with in my samples, tying the theme together.


I think these  collage illustrations on the wall are really exciting and impactful, I could think about creating some of these with both my looks.


I created a rough sketch thinking about ideas of how my show could look. I want to use my show to emphasise the contrast between the two looks, so thought about using a divide to separate the looks. I thought about the option of using a fish net divide, giving me the opportunity to use the material that had really appealed to me when looking at the window display in the shop Sea Salt. I decided I want to display my two looks on mannequins, as being Greek inspired they are all about where the gathers and folds hug the body, so I wanted to display the on a human form rather than a hanger. I already have two mannequins at home which I could bring in to use for this.


Before deciding on one divider option for definite I wanted to think about different material options for dividers. I looked at using either an paddle or a sailing pole to hold up the divider along with materials of either fishnet, turquoise crepe de chine (like the sea), white cotton (like the sails) or  metal chains suggesting trapped migrants.

I then looked at availability of the materials online and comparison of prices.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 18.54.26Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 18.45.17Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 18.47.29Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 18.49.24Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 12.18.10

After considering all the options I feel the fishnet will work the best as it will create a divider yet the holes will allow you to still be able to see through and compare looks and I can hang things from the fishnet such as illustrations. I think the pole should be used to hang the divider as the paddle may be too much and a bit distracting.

I measured the width and length of the board I am working with allowing me to know how much space I have to work with. The width is 121cm and the height 2.5meters.